Terms & Conditions:

Only First 3 visits are only free, After that a buyer need to pay Rs.500 for next 3 visits. it will help us to remove suspicious buyers & to cover our travel expenses.

3 visits means – it can be maximum 3 days.

Any seller can request to modify or remove their property in our website. we will do it within 3 days. pls call 8074200047 for appeal.
A buyer needs to verify all the documents related to a property before buying any property.

We are not responsible for Your investment. Please do all document verification before buying property.

We are just an online platform to display properties based on given information by mediators & sellers.

Please check EC regarding documents & ask to sub-register before registration.

Documents won’t be provided by many sellers to us, Only interested buyers can do a request to get the document details.

When do these terms and conditions apply?


These general terms and conditions apply to each contract for services granted by a private customer to a broker.

A buyer  1% and seller needs to pay a commission to mediators up to 2%.

What if buyer violated our terms?


If the buyer didn’t follow our terms & conditions, Made a sitting with third party mediators, To re-arrange the deal, we charge 0.5% extra fee on property value individually to us. Buyer should accept terms & should not reveal with any other person or individual.

If a buyer bring any other mediators with them, the buyer needs to pay commission extra to them.

What do certain terms mean?


In these general terms and conditions, the following terms have the meanings given:

a. Private customer: a client, natural person, not acting in the course of a profession or
business (consumer).

b. Broker: a broker or valuer who is a Mediator or valuer. A valuer does not do the same work as a broker. 

A broker represents the interests of his client. A valuer is impartial. His work is estimating the value of real estate and reporting this in writing. Because valuers must also comply with these terms and conditions, the term ‘broker’ also refers to ‘valuer’ insofar the nature of the provisions does not preclude this.

c. Remuneration: the fee paid by the consumer to the broker for his services, excluding
additional costs. In practice, ‘rem

What costs will the broker charge?

Besides the remuneration, the broker may also charge costs, for example, for advertisements. 

He will only charge these costs if you have accepted this in advance. Any agreements made will be captured in writing.

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